Garlic Greenhouse Candle

Fumigating a greenhouse is the traditional way of clearing pests, so use a Garlic Candle to clear your greenhouse of unwanted pests instead of harmful sulphur candles.

Greengardener - Garlic Greenhouse Candle

Garlic Candles produce smoke that gets into all the nooks & crannies to get rid of any pests & fungal spores. Simply place in your greenhouse, light the fuse and leave overnight. You do NOT need to remove the plants first and they are safe to use in aluminium greenhouses and polytunnels. Each Garlic Greenhouse Smoke is sufficient to treat a 3m x 2m greenhouse.

Garlic Candle


Garlic Candles x2


Garlic Candles x6


2 Candles and Twin Citrox Offer saving £4.00


6 Candles and Eco Citrox Offer saving £10.00