Nemaslug Slug Killer

Control slugs NATURALLY by applying Nemaslug® Slug Killer, which contains natural nematodes that are effective at controlling slugs & unlike chemical controls, are safe for children, pets, birds & wildlife.

Greengardener - Nemaslug Slug Killer

Nemaslug needs a soil temperature of 5c, so apply OUTDOORS between March and October or use underglass all year round. Apply with a watering can or a Hose-end Feeder. Standard pack treats 40 sqm and the Large pack treats 100 sqm. Each application will control slugs for 6 week, so keep slugs at bay, order a planned programme - we will send you fresh packs of Nemaslug at 6 weekly intervals. Available NOW.

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Nemaslug 2 Pack Prog 40 sqm


Nemaslug 2 Pack Prog 100 sqm