Slug Gone Wool Pellets

These pellets are made from reclaimed wool, are 100% natural and are very effective at repelling slugs and snails. The pellets ALSO form an effective mulch, which also reduces moisture and supresses weeds.

Greengardener - Slug Gone Wool Pellets

Once the pellets have been spread over the surface and watered, the pellets expand and form a mat, which will not blow or wash away. The fibres in the woollen pellets stop the slugs and snails by making it uncomfortable for the slug or snail to crawl across. Use them to to protect plants in pots or buy them in 10L tubs to mulch plants in borders.

Slug Gone 1 litre


Slug Gone 20 litres 2 x 10 litre tubs


Slug Gone 40 litres 4 x 10 litre tubs