Encarsia for Whitefly

Whitefly is a major pest that can destroy plants in greenhouses and conservatories. Control Whitefly by introducing Encarsia AS SOON as whitefly appear and the temp is 10c.

Greengardener - Encarsia for Whitefly

Encarsia are introduced to the greenhouse on small ,white cards, which are simply hung on the lower leaves of the plants. The Encarsia seeks out whitefly scale and deposits an egg inside it. As the beneficial Encarsia develops INSIDE the whitefly scale, the whitefly is destroyed and turns black, before a new Encarsia emerges ready to repeat the cycle. It is safe for you, children, pets and wildlife.

Glue Traps Pack of 10


Encarsia Half Course 2 introductions 7 days apart


Encarsia Full Course 4 introductions 7 days apart


Encarsia Economy Pack 8 double introdctions 7 days apart