Phytoseiulus for Red Spider Mite

Red Spider Mite (RSM) is a major pest in greenhouses and conservatories where high temps & low humidity are ideal for their development. Control RSM naturally by introducing Phytoseiulus when the daytime temp is 16c.

Greengardener - Phytoseiulus for Red Spider Mite

Phytoseiulus is a harmless, tiny mite that feeds on all stages of the RSM eating up to 5 adults or 25 young larvae/eggs per day. Phytoseiulus is supplied in small tubes containing a minimum of 1000 adults and should be introduced when the daytime temps are 16c. The contents of the tube (inc. the vermiculite they are packed in) is simply sprinkled over the infected plants.

1000 Phytoseiulus 1000 Phytoseiulus


2000 Phytoseiulus 2000 Phytoseiulus