Ladybird Larvae in bags for Trees

Use Ladybird Larvae and release sacks to control aphids in conifers, trees and hedges. Spraying large plants/trees is not practical and harms beneficial insects, so release Ladybird Larvae instead. Available April to August i.e. NOW

Greengardener - Ladybird Larvae in bags for Trees

Conifers often develop unsightly brown patches and Cypress Aphid is normally the cause. Aphids (Greenfly and blackfly) attacking trees is another BIG problem - the first visible symptom is large amounts of sticky honeydew. Releasing ladybird larvae in trees, hedges etc has never been easier with hessian release sacks supplied with each order. Available NOW.

100 Lbird Larvae 1 Bag


200 Lbird Larvae 2 Bags


500 Lbird Larvae 3 Bags